Who we are

Juan McCarthy Team

More than 25 years experience in the Ceramic Tile Industry

Dedicated team with more than 25 years experience in the Ceramic Tile Industry.
Trying to help and advising our customers about trends, sizes, designs and always offering to our customers best quality-price product tender possible, within our suppliers base.

We believe that professional excellence does not consist in an isolated sale, but in a daily, constant habit and that the defence of the interest of the client and supplier can only be carried out as if they were our own.

None of this would have worked without the help of Mi partner, always supporting , given me different visions of the business, converting and humanizing the statistics of the factories into personal data in order to a better read and understanding of the reality and needs of each individual customer.

A few years ago Jordi Gil , experimented sales man in the tile business join us in order to provide better service to our customers and suppliers.
Over time and years we have created an unbeatable offer, great and quality factories that have supported and believed in our project, offering and developing products for our market.